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IIRSM Training

IIRSM Managing Risk: The Essentials (Online)

 Delegates will gain a broad understanding of the benefits, principles and processes involved in risk management and discover how, by taking an integrated approach, they can minimise threats, maximise opportunities and prepare for the unexpected.

The course is underpinned by ISO 31000, the global risk management standard.

 Risk management should form part of everyone’s responsibilities at every level, in any organisation of any size, in any sector anywhere in the world. Delegates won’t become risk experts, but they will learn the essential skills needed to be able to identify, manage and communicate the risks that matter in their area of responsibility and appreciate the consequences of their decisions on the rest of the organisation.

The course is specifically relevant to, but not limited to:

  • Anyone who manages risk
  • Those starting a career in risk management
  • Managers working in risk-related disciplines including, but not limited to, health and safety, compliance, business continuity, resilience, environmental management, insurance, quality management, security etc
  • Risk champions
  • Project managers
  • Managers responsible for implementing systems of governance and change
  • Business owners looking to improve their performance and resilience
  • Managers in small/medium sized enterprises with many different roles/risks to juggle
  • Individuals simply looking to learn how risk management can help them do their job better

IIRSM is a professional membership organisation for those responsible for managing risks in all their forms. And our vision is a future where people live and work in a safer, healthier and more sustainable world. We’re independent and speak freely, championing risk management to drive positive change for both employee and organisational wellbeing. And we do this through setting standards, connecting people and organisations, and providing practical education, training, advice and resources.

£180 inc VAT (Online Course)