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Policy & Procedure Development

Policy & Procedure Development

Whether you are a small company approaching 5 persons or a larger, established organisation looking to enhance your written arrangements with something bespoke we can provide the skills and capabilities needed to achieve your goals.

We work with all of our clients providing a “light touch” to those that just need a steer or take the reins when they need us to drive and provide the skills to make things happen.

Due Diligence & Business Acquisition Assurance ​

Due Diligence & Business Acquisition Assurance

Entering a new market? Looking to grow your business through acquisition? Let us give you the assurance you need to make a risk based decision on the growth of your organisation.

In our experience thorough HSE due diligence can identify potentially hidden costs that may not be realised until after the deal is done or you have entered that market. This type of intelligence can be used to make real decisions or allow you to consider our findings within your negotiations. 

Incident Investigation, Loss Causation & Root Cause Analysis​

Incident Investigation, Loss Causation & Root Cause Analysis

Suffering a loss through an unplanned event which has resulted in an injury, damage to plant or equipment or impacted the reputation of your organisation or projects does not make for good business.


At Serene Safety we believe in prevention rather than cure but when it does go wrong we can help tell you why and, more importantly, work with you to prevent it happening again with bespoke solutions that fit your business.


Incidents rarely have a single linear cause and the methodologies we utilise help to put the pieces of the jigsaw together.

Internal Auditing, External Audit Preparation & PQQ support​

Internal Auditing, External Audit Preparation & PQQ support

Having a great set of arrangements means nothing if you can’t take comfort that they are being followed and implemented within your business or projects.

We  conduct a range of audits from internal assurance to preparations for external customer duty of care audits to accreditation audits.

We can also support the facilitation of external audits to coach you through the process ensuring learnings are captured and shared.

Serene Safety can also support you in Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and supply chain assurance scheme assessments.


With our new partnership with NQA as part of their Associated Partnership Programme we can support you with a bespoke assurance programme.

Electrical Generation, Transmission and Distribution Safety Rules Training & Consultancy

Electrical Generation, Transmission and Distribution Safety Rules Training & Consultancy

Lock Out Tag Out Test Out Or Safe Isolation and Reinstatement of Plant?


Setting to Work or Control of Work?


Serene Safety has supported clients within the power generation industry improve their safety rules, establish training programmes, identify improvements to their works management processes and overhauled their Safety Rules committees and forums.


With our highly competent and experienced associates we have the capabilities to work with all stakeholders to ensure the riskiest elements of your business are not only controlled but become understood and consistently applied.

Safety Climate & Culture Analysis and Change Management

Safety Climate & Culture Analysis and Change Management

What is your safety climate like?


Is “How we do things around here” the culture that you want in your organisation?

Can you define if how things are done are good, bad or indifferent?


Safety climate and culture are closely intertwined at Serene HQ but we look at the two under different lenses. Climate drives culture and culture drives climate at Serene Safety and when we look at behavioural change we first ask – “What behaviours are you trying to change”? 


We have a passion for making all the organisations we work with safe and efficient. Good safety is good business and a good business starts with the right culture, climate, attitudes and behaviours.

Machinery Safety​

Machinery Safety

Machinery and Work Equipment play an integral part in the modern world of work. It produces GDP!


But before it can do that it has to be designed, built and, in some cases, installed. The Machinery Directive introduced a number of pieces of legislation to ensure the Machinery and equipment we use is designed, constructed and used safely.

Machinery directive related breaches are one of the highest prosecuted breaches in the UK by the Health and Safety Executive due to its strict requirements.


Serene Safety has access to some of the UK’s best Machinery safety specialists who can support the entire machine lifecycle from feasibility to decommissioning